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The Language Planning Process

We recommend the following process: self assessment, plan development, plan implementation, review and refreshment.

Key Questions for Organisations Developing a Language Plan

For organisations developing a Māori language plan.

Language Plan Template

A template to get you started with your language plan.

Te Reo Māori Attitudes Survey

This questionnaire seeks to establish the opinions of the staff about the Māori language and its use.

Organisation Survey of Support for Te Reo Māori

A survey designed to identify where your organisation is at on its journey to support te reo Māori. 

E Tipu - Organisation Capability Model

The model outlines levels of progress for organisations. This is a continuous improvement model; an ongoing, long-term approach to improve processes, products and services.

Key Questions for Monitoring and Evaluation

The purpose of evaluation and monitoring is to assist with identifying and understanding what we want to gain from investing time and resources into the Māori language plan.