What is the entry criteria, and what qualifications are required for entry to Toi Reo Māori?


To enrol into the programme, all participants are required to complete a pre-entry assessment that consists of two translation tasks. These will be marked; however, the results will not be returned to you as they do not constitute a formal assessment and are merely to provide the tutors an opportunity to gauge your current translation ability and suitability for the programme.


Prospective candidates must be:

  • an extremely high proficient speaker and writer of the Māori language
  • an extremely high proficient speaker and writer of the English language, to ensure one’s ability to transfer ideas and communicate with both languages confidently
  • capable to translate the essence of any kōrero, as well as literal translations
  • certified with a degree level qualification in Māori studies or must have successfully completed an equivalent te reo Māori qualification above Level 9
  • successful in completing other studies at Tertiary level; and


  • prospective candidates must have at least 10 years’ experience in studying, researching, teaching, speaking, and writing Māori, as well as an extensive and excellent knowledge of the English language
  • successful candidates must become “active translators”, which includes, but is not limited to, making yourself available to complete and actively respond to translation requests; and
  • this course is similar to that of a Masters’ level degree. The expectation is that all applicants will be capable to participate in class work at this level confidently.