Register for Toi Reo Māori 2023

There is an increasing demand for te reo Māori speakers across all sectors, with an expectation that as an official language, te reo Māori is present in everyday life. This increase has also seen a demand for skilled, licenced translators. 

Toi Reo Māori is a free training course that turns highly proficient speakers into qualified translators and/or interpreters. A number of hui whakangungu will be held in 2023, giving these speakers the opportunity to learn from expert tutors and become licenced.

Registrations for Toi Reo Māori are now open! Registrations close at 5pm on Tuesday, 31 January 2023.


  • Read the criteria below and FAQs here
  • If you meet the criteria, sign up for Toi Reo Māori here
  • Complete and pass the pre-entry assessment
  • If successful, you’ll be invited to participate in Toi Reo Māori 2023


To participate in Toi Reo Māori, you must:

  • Be over 18 to register
  • Pass the pre-entry assessment
  • Be a highly proficient speaker and writer of the Māori language
  • Be a highly proficient speaker and writer of the English language to ensure one’s ability to transfer ideas and communicate with both languages confidently
  • Have the capability to translate the essence of any kōrero, as well as literal translations
  • Toi Reo Māori is similar to a Masters’ level degree. The expectation is that you can participate in class work at this level confidently
  • If successful, become an “active translator”, which includes, but is not limited to, making yourself available to complete and actively respond to translation requests

You are required to have completed one or more of the following before registering:

  • A degree in Māori language studies
  • A Master’s Degree or an equivalent Māori language qualification at Level 9
  • A successful graduate of the Institute of Excellence in the Māori Language
  • At least 10 years’ experience in studying, researching, teaching, speaking, and writing Māori, as well as an extensive, and excellent knowledge of the English language; and
  • A successful graduate of other Māori language studies at Tertiary Level 9

For more information about the criteria, check out the Toi Reo Māori page.


The pre-assessment will be emailed to you once registrations close.

Ngā hui whakangungu + ngā whakamātautau

Toi Reo Māori will be delivered through three hui whakangungu online. If you are accepted into Toi Reo Māori, you are required to attend all three on both Saturday and Sunday.

Ngā hui whakangungu

Hui whakangungu 1

Saturday, 4 March – Sunday 5 March 2023 (online)

Hui whakangungu 2     

Saturday, 15 April – Sunday 16 April 2023 (online)

Hui whakangungu 3                 

Saturday, 6 May – Sunday 7 May 2023 (online)

Hui whakangungu will be held on Saturdays (English to Māori) and Sundays (Māori to English), from 8.30am – 4pm each day – including breaks.

Ngā whakamātautau

Whakamātautau ā-waha

Friday, 26 May 2023, 9am – 7pm

Whakamātautau ā-tuhi

Saturday, 27 May 2023, 9am – 12pm

All examinations will be held online.

The Oral Interpretation (ā-waha) examinations will begin on Friday and run from 9am to 7pm. The Written Translation (ā-tuhi) examination will begin on Saturday morning, from 9am-12pm. Oral examinations will continue again on Saturday afternoon.

Oral Interpretation examinations are conducted by invite only. Invites are given based on the merit of a participant's written work during the course. If you already hold a translator's licence, you are eligible to undergo the Oral Interpretation examination.

Register now for Toi Reo Māori 2023.


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