Commission welcomes te reo chocolate wrappers

The Māori Language Commission welcomed the release of a block of chocolate translated into te reo Māori, Miraka Kirīmi (Creamy Milk) announced by Whittaker’s today.

“A few years ago Whittaker’s approached us about some ideas for Māori Language Week and our advice was to keep it simple and to focus on the language: and they did. This month for the first time New Zealanders can buy a Whittaker's product literally wrapped entirely in te reo,” said Māori Language Commissioner, Professor Rawinia Higgins.

“For those who have complained that this is a step too far for our country: the reality is that the rest of New Zealand has already taken that step. We know that 8 in 10 of us see te reo as part of our identity as a Kiwi while 1 in 3 of us can speak more than a few words of Māori.”

“Young New Zealanders are helping to drive change; they are not threatened when they see or hear te reo, they see te reo as absolutely normal.”

Whittaker’s is also celebrating with a number of initiatives for their staff, normalising the language across their digital platforms and engaging with local mana whenua in their community.